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Here at Pigeon Coop Studios, we are committed to getting the best out of the artist and contributing to their development with advice, exprience and education. Based in Stayfree Music, a building full of music rehearsal rooms, residential bands and studios, music tutors and more, it’s an ideal place to network and integrate into a supportive, tight community of like-minded musicians, artists and industry folks.


With the ability to portably record 8 tracks (perfect for a 3 or 4 piece band), the studio itself features a full drum kit, a bass amp, guitar amp, acoustic amp (used to track guide vocals and rhythm guitar), an upright piano, a collection guitars and basses, and a variety of other instruments. We’re as adaptable and flexible here as you’d wish your partner to be.

As well as a live room, Pigeon Coop climbs to the 3rd storey of Stayfree Music to house its production suite – a small office room setup for mixing, mastering, music production, video editing, and the boring documentation side of things.

Stayfree Music is often open, and the Pigeon Coop can often be found open too. Feel free to pop in or get in touch about a drop-in session

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